Episode 23

Published on:

2nd Oct 2020

Empress Baddie: Khutulun the Warrior

Move over Mulan there's a new warrior princess in town, she can ride horses shoot an arrow, and wrestle any man in the whos that independent badass fighter?! None other than the Mongolian marvel herself Khutulun. 

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For the Love of History
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History is full of weird stuff and I wanna tell you about it. Twice a month you and I will uncover little known nuggets of history like why a Pope waged war on cats, how a bunch of drunk Chinese poets revolutionized poetry as we know it, find out what the heck the war of 1812 was, and much more. So if you have about 30min why not give For the Love of History a try!

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My name is Tehya, I'm an amateur historian and avid google scholar. I love history and learning new things. I also LOVE talking and telling stories. My friends say I'm pretty hilarious, and I trust their opinions implicitly. I'm quite cheerful and always laugh the loudest in any room, much to the dismay of those around me sometimes. (sorry lol)
When work is slow, sometimes I sit on the interwebs and look up random historical events. And one day I decided to put all my loves, interests, and talents in a blender and I came out with a history podcast!
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